Ep106 – LOL! We Were Just Talking About This…

Do women like men more who do chores or get them gifts and take them on vacations? John and Jon discuss the latest research.

Are dishwashers hard to load? John says “yes”. He and Jon come up with ideas for pre-loaded, color-coordinated, self-aware dishwashers

Should couples planning to get married go to Home Depot beforehand to make sure they are compatible with their dishwasher loading abilities? Cause the chores you do in your first few weeks of marriage are the ones you’re stuck with.

How many hotel bathtubs have you thrown up in?

John and Jon discuss their upcoming bowling alley tour. Are there northern ghosts in Meskegan? Are there people buried underneath one of the bowling alleys they are visiting?

Should Jon and John’s have matching bowling balls?

OMG!! Right?!?