Ep171 – “I Heart MILF”

What did John and Jon get for Christmas this year? Both of them are dressed in their robes… Are they wearing their gifts? Jon got a shirt from his new stepdaughter that reads “I HEART MILFS”. Jon has some concerns about the shirt and wants to remove one letter. John and Jon play some 80s trivia, and then introduce a new […]

Ep169 – “She Was Just… a Yellow Flame”

A sequel to “A Christmas Story”… filmed in Bulgaria?!? “Put your finger in this”: The best way to test your water temperature. How to find hidden cameras in your hotel room. Dirty Santa Rules. Saran Wrap Balls. Yellow flames vs. blue flames. What’s a good New Year’s Day song? “Lick it, lick, it, stick it.” And don’t forget, John has a new children’s […]

Ep168 – Turburkey, TurK-Cups, and Burnt Biscuits

They’re back! Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep come together for the HEFFRON & REEP SHOW! This week, it’s all about the movie A Christmas Story, their favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes, their idea for “TurK-Cups”, and how not to burn your biscuits. And don’t forget, John has a new children’s book just in time for the holidays: “My Grandma […]

Ep167 – Vertigo, Yellowstone, and Taylor Swift!

John had an incident on stage over the weekend and tells Jon all about it. It involves vertigo, ambulances, and John getting escorted off stage. What Halloween costume is Jon wearing? And what costume was John going to wear but is not going to? John likes the new Taylor Swift album and has some thoughts on the men she sings […]

Ep166 – Bill Murray and a Han Solo Made of Bread!

Join John Heffron and Jon Reep as they talk about the Bill Murray and Seth Green incident… Plus a Han Solo made completely out of bread! And don’t forget, John has a new children’s book just in time for the holidays: “My Grandma Makes Gingerbread Houses”. Order your copy HERE! Join comedians JOHN HEFFRON and JON REEP for the next HEFFRON […]

Ep165 – Stand-Up Comedians in the News!

Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep discuss two other stand-up comedians that made headlines over the past week. First up, a white comedian was fired after allegedly using the “N-word” during a Carnivale Cruise line performance. John and Jon examine the video evidence and come up with their own conclusions. Then, a Jewish female comedian gets a beer thrown at her […]

Ep164 – Can You Talk Through a Condom?

Listed as one of the best podcasts by the World Podcasting Federation, it’s the HEFFRON & REEP SHOW! Featuring comedians Jon Reep and John Heffron! What is Stigmata and can you get it in your eye? John has nothing for the 10:30 crowd. He says you do a 4pm and 7pm and call it a day. Putting condoms on microphones […]

Ep163 – The “A Wayans Cancelled” Tour (With Brent Blakeney)

Comedian and friend of the show Brent Blakeney joins Jon and John on this week’s episode. Should Jon call his tour “The Stand Up Comedy Tour”? Or the “New Sh#t in the Middle” tour? Is John Heffron “crotchety”? Jon shares stories from an interesting gig in Washington, DC. What are the differences between Friends and Acquaintances? John would like to be a […]

Ep162 – Pewter Plus!

What kind of metal is pewter, exactly? And what’s the current running price for pewter? Barney does Cameos! Does he still love you as much as you love him? Oh, and John found his old Palm Pilot and some old comic books. Jon and John create captions for a fun meme photo featuring them and Reno Collier. And John has […]

Ep161 – 90210 Meets Oz in a Retirement Community…Go!

Jon Reep is in Naples, Florida and John Heffron is at home writing more children’s books and fighting off groundhogs… but they come together tonight for the HEFFRON & REEP Show! Join comedians JOHN HEFFRON and JON REEP for the next HEFFRON & REEP SHOW, broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm EST. Visit the Heffron & Reep […]