Ep162 – Pewter Plus!

What kind of metal is pewter, exactly? And what’s the current running price for pewter? Barney does Cameos! Does he still love you as much as you love him? Oh, and John found his old Palm Pilot and some old comic books. Jon and John create captions for a fun meme photo featuring them and Reno Collier. And John has […]

Ep161 – 90210 Meets Oz in a Retirement Community…Go!

Jon Reep is in Naples, Florida and John Heffron is at home writing more children’s books and fighting off groundhogs… but they come together tonight for the HEFFRON & REEP Show! Join comedians JOHN HEFFRON and JON REEP for the next HEFFRON & REEP SHOW, broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm EST. Visit the Heffron & Reep […]

Ep160 – For A Good Time…Check out The Heffron & Reep Show!

“When we were in school, gas was $1.00 a gallon. Now it’s over $3.00. Thanks, Michelle!” Can you re-do a school election? Second Chance Proms! Colonoscopies! And More! For a good time, visit www.heffronandreep.com. Join comedians JOHN HEFFRON and JON REEP for the next HEFFRON & REEP SHOW, broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm EST.

Ep159 – Burn the California King

Comedian John Heffron is about to undergo both an endoscopy AND a colonoscopy at the same time. How is he doing the evening before, and what advice does he get from co-host fellow comedian Jon Reep? Also, is John’s house haunted? He’s getting vibes from his closet and other places. He’s working to get any extra spirits removed, and Jon has […]

Ep158 – Spotify Sorrows & Suffering Succotash

Comedians Jon Reep and John Heffron join forces to talk about John’s trip to Spain and his refusal to partake local cuisine, Spotify and Pandora publishing rights for artists, John’s new role as chef for his household, and QR codes.

Ep157 – We are experiencing technical difficulties. OVER!

John Heffron is out working, so Jon Reep tries to bring fellow comedian Reno Collier into the show to co-host. It does not go well. After some technical issues, Jon ends up bringing show producer The Alan Jackson in to talk about Capri-Sun poisoning, flies in politician’s mouths, and the tragic death of actress Anne […]

Ep156 – ONJ, DMB, NWA & Pac-Man (with Brent Blakeney) 

John Heffron is in Toledo (Spain), so Jon Reep welcomes fellow comedian Brent Blakeney to the show this week. Jon and Brent talk about Olivia Newton-John and her passing, the Dave Matthews Band dumping poop on tourists years ago, NWA’s album being released on this day in history, and there’s a Pac-Man movie being made?

Ep155 – Gun Safety Training (with Mike Calta & Robert Kelly)

Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep get together so Heffron can show off his new BB gun. And despite John’s explanation of his gun safety procedures, there’s an incident in the studio. Then Jon Reep brings DJ Mike Calta and comedian Robert Kelly to the show to have a long-awaited confrontation with John Heffron. Why […]

Ep153 – Spankings, Leaky Ceilings and Blueberry Pancakes

Jon Reep joins fellow comedian John Heffron from an undisclosed location for this week’s HEFFRON & REEP Show. John and Jon talk about leaky ceilings in green rooms, getting spankings at school and getting spankings as an adult. And John announces the publication of his first children’s book… “My Grandma Makes Blueberry Pancakes“. You can […]

Ep152 – I Can’t Go For That… No Can Do (with Tammy Pescatelli)

John Heffron and Tammy Pescatelli team up to talk about 80s pop music versions of Bible verses, Jon Reep’s drunk police officer video, New Kids on the Block, the reveal of the cover of John Heffron’s new children’s book, and ValuPak, direct mail comedy. Join comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep for the next HEFFRON […]